Month: July 2017

A Clearer Point of View

If you’re tired of trying to look through your windows only to find your vision impaired due to condensation, and your patience is at its limit due to poor air flow because of inefficient weather stripping, replacement windows can carry a number of advantages for homeowners. During the coldest days of the winter or high heat of […]

The Up and Up (of window upgrades)

As homeowners in Murray, UT, we’re always looking past the horizon at a way to improve the appearance and efficiency of our homes. One upgrade that often gets overlooked by homeowners is replacing old windows. Completing a window replacement project is often a relatively simple, but necessary, upgrade project. Vinyl windows offer superior insulation features, […]

A New Universe

If you are even minimally interested in the current crop of super hero movies, you know that the term “Shared universe” is a term referring to the common sandbox where all the super heroes work and play. That makes it much more common for Super Hero “A” to bump into Super hero “B” when it […]

Salt Lake City, UT Garden Windows

Of course you could have a garden in your Salt Lake City, UT home! It’s easy: just knock down a wall or two and really, REALLY open the room up to some sunlight! That’s one way of doing it or you could ratchet it down a notch and go with garden windows in Salt Lake […]

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