What Makes a Home Beautiful?

When you think of what makes a home beautiful and unique in Utah, what comes to mind? Wall color? Siding? Furniture? Windows? Probably not doors, right? The crazy thing is, doors actually play a big part in how your home looks! Imagine a home with red brick and a green front door. Your first thoughts […]

Tips for Buying Energy Efficient Windows

Unlike other things in the last decade, energy efficient windows are not a fad. And while having energy efficient windows may seem cool now, they’ll be cool 30 years from now as well and will always be the smarter choice, regardless of what decade you live in. Energy efficient windows come in all shapes and […]

How to Really Know Your Windows Need to be Replaced

Found yourself in a rut when it comes to your home improvement projects? Need help deciding whether your windows should be a part of your renovations and next home project? Replacing your windows can be tricky. Sometimes, it can be hard to figure out whether your windows need to be replaced or not. Some homeowners […]

How to Get That HGTV Home

We get it…sometimes you just want what you don’t have yet. Maybe you want a Ferrari, or a yacht or for your home to look like a finished product on Fixer Upper. That’s completely understandable! Taking pride in your home is natural and even encouraged. You should be happy with the space you live in. […]

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