Meet The Owner

Jared Balser

Jared has worked in the window and door industry for over 23 years and has been involved in every aspect of the business from installation to management to sales. After working for several window companies in the valley, Jared found a home with HomeStar where he has worked for the past 8 years before becoming an owner. Jared quickly earned the trust and confidence of everyone who works at HomeStar due to his expertise and knowledge of construction. Jared is our go to person for any difficult installations and can do just about anything including things like creating new openings, cutting brick or concrete, framing new headers and moving electrical. He handles all the really difficult situations that arise in the installation part of the business. Jared has been key in developing our entry door division and training crews to install doors. Jared carries the license for the company and is the most experienced individual in the company with a broad background and understanding in construction. He lives with his wife and children in Mapleton, Utah where he personally built his own custom home. He has a 10-acre property with horses and enjoys some farming in his spare time.

Robert Williamson

Robert is a multi-talented business manager and an experienced craftsman. He came to HomeStar from the marble industry where he worked for 20 years doing detailed installations of marble in bathrooms and kitchens. This type of work has no forgiveness requiring cut and finish to perfection. Robert has additional experience running his own businesses as a “hobby entrepreneur” creating and manufacturing unique products in the outdoor industry. He gave this up to focus on his career at HomeStar where he has become an integral contributor to the success of the company. Robert is vocal and insightful. He’s not afraid to call out the elephant in the room. He became a valuable source of feedback to the owners of the company with ideas and methods to improve the company on many levels. Robert has truly perfected our door division both in sales and installation. Over time, Robert advanced to become our production and safety manager. Robert has done much to streamline the methods of the company and was instrumental in advocating for many new benefits and programs to support our crews. Robert designed our new warehouse and showroom facility in Draper with 37 custom designed bays to support the smooth operation of our receiving and warehousing facility. Robert has now moved into sales where is able to use his vast knowledge and excellent teaching skills to educate our customers during the sales process. Robert lives with his wife and daughters in Lehi. Robert is a man of integrity and is excited to take HomeStar to new levels of efficiency in his role as an owner of the company.