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Lifetime Transferrable Warranty

Installation Warranty

HomeStar warrants for the lifetime of the original purchaser the proper installation of all windows, sliding doors, entry doors, dog door inserts and storm doors in accordance with industry standards, local building codes and manufacturer’s specifications. This warranty includes water leaks caused from faulty installation or deterioration of exterior caulking. Note: Interior caulking is not included. Interior caulking is a normal maintenance item and may be subject to cosmetic cracking without concern for water infiltration

Maintenance and Service Limitations

Due to building settling and/or normal wear and tear, our products may require maintenance and service on items such as wheels, locks, springloaded thresholds, hinges and other moving parts. Service and adjustments on these items are covered for 1year after installation to ensure proper installation. After 1year, HomeStar can provide maintenance and adjustments to products purchased through HomeStar for a fee of $75.00 per visit. If the service adjustments are a result of improper installation, the customer will be charged nothing for these visits

Screen Mesh Warranty

HomeStar will replace any damaged screen pull tabs and/or screen mesh at no charge. Rescreening will be done with standard screen mesh (not the pureviewmesh) Homeowner is responsible for drop off and pick up of screens at our office to receive warranty service. Note: Window screen frames are excluded. Sliding patio door screens including frame and mesh are excluded. Damage to any screens from birds, animals or pets is also excluded. Sliding door screens can be rescreened for the cost of $75.00

10 Year Transferable Warranty

 If the original purchaser sells the home, the warranty may be transferred, provided the transferee notifies the company in writing, at the address below within 30 daysof the property’s transfer date. The correspondence must include the original owner’s name and address, and the transferee’s name. Upon transfer, the warranty converts to a period of 10 years from the date of the original purchase of the windows

General Limitations and Exclusions 

  1. Acts of nature (hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, floods, etc.) acts of war, riots, fire, crime, building settlement, modifications, and vandalism are not covered by this warranty.
  1. Glass breakage is not included in most manufacturer warranties and is not covered by the HomeStar installation warranty. See your manufacturer warranty certificate to determine any coverage for glass breakage.
  1. This warranty does not apply to rental properties. Rental properties will receive a 10year warranty with the same warranty coverage as noted above except for the screen warranty. No screen warranty is provided to rental properties.


Note: Defects in the actual product itself are covered by and performed by the manufacturer of the product. HomeStar will usually investigate product warranty claims and assist the customer where necessary to set up manufacturer services. See the manufacturer’s warranty certificate to determine warranties provided by the manufacturer