Ease of Garden Windows

There’s no doubt about it, garden windows can be some of the nicest windows on the market. They offer so many benefits and look gorgeous in any home. Garden windows are known to protrude from a home and offer interior shelves for homeowners to place plants, fruits and vegetables. These shelves allow homeowners to give […]

Safety with Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows are one of the best windows on the market. Whether you’re purchasing windows for a new construction home, browsing for an upgrade, or looking to replace broken windows, vinyl windows can help you create a safer, more energy efficient home. You may be wondering how can vinyl windows keep your home safe? In […]

Purchasing Replacement Windows

Replacement windows can sometimes be a drag for homeowners. Who has the time to research a window, see the window in person, decide if it’s right for their home aesthetically, and then figure out what brand and company to purchase from? Not to mention researching prices! Replacement windows are sometimes necessary to maintain a home. […]

Minimalistic Windows

A new style that has been making its way into the homes all over the country is the minimalistic look. You may not be a fan, but for many, this is a new approach not only with style, but as a way of life as well. Minimalist styling is just what it sounds like: very […]

Why You Need Sliding Glass Patio Doors

Every homeowner envisions their home differently. One homeowner may want carpeting in their home while the other wants wood flooring. One homeowner might want marble in the kitchen while the other wants granite. And some homeowners might want a spacious yard while others prefer a large deck. There’s no right or wrong home fantasy. Whatever […]

The Difference Windows Make

Ever take a good look at the windows in your home? What do you see? Are they old? Corroded? Broken? Are they new? The focal point of a room? Truth is, windows are more than just glass and material. They’re the one thing helping pull in natural light to your home while keeping you safe […]

The 411 on Vinyl

Interested in learning more about vinyl windows? Then you’ve come to the right place. Homestar Windows and Doors has you covered. Vinyl windows are among the best windows on the market. They are extremely beneficial and can transform your space whether you realize it or not. Not all windows have the magic that vinyl windows […]

How to Know When it’s Time for Replacement Windows

It can be a puzzling question for Salt Lake City, Utah residents: when should I replace my windows? While there’s no expiration for windows like there is with food, it’s important to know the signs of the decline of your windows so you can replace your windows before they become a hazard. If your windows […]

What Makes a Home Beautiful?

When you think of what makes a home beautiful and unique in Utah, what comes to mind? Wall color? Siding? Furniture? Windows? Probably not doors, right? The crazy thing is, doors actually play a big part in how your home looks! Imagine a home with red brick and a green front door. Your first thoughts […]

Tips for Buying Energy Efficient Windows

Unlike other things in the last decade, energy efficient windows are not a fad. And while having energy efficient windows may seem cool now, they’ll be cool 30 years from now as well and will always be the smarter choice, regardless of what decade you live in. Energy efficient windows come in all shapes and […]