A Garden Party

Anyone that really (and we mean REALLY) knows music may well recall a 1970’s Ricky Nelson hit entitled “Garden Party.” Contrary to popular belief, if you take a minute or two to dissect the lyrics, the song isn’t recounting the memories of hanging out in someone’s backyard smoking whatever-it-was that was being smoked in the […]

Sliding Glass and Sunken Floors

Man oh man, there was a time back in the early 1970’s when the concept of a “sunken living room” was all the rage! A sunken living room was just that: the room sat several steps down from floor level. It’s hard to say what purpose it served, but the architectural wave was popular, just […]

A Slice of Americana

Are you a fan of the late, great painter/illustrator Norman Rockwell? His down-to-earth themes always seemed to capture what can only be described as “Americana.” You know, those old fashioned, down-to-earth American values that don’t seem to be as prevalent as they once were. In quite a few of Rockwell’s paintings, you could find a […]

Sliding Glass Patio Doors In Salt Lake City

If sliding glass patio doors served no purpose to your patio or your home’s overall aesthetics, you could probably get away with stringing up a sheet or some beads across the doorframe. It’s only a door, right? That kind of thinking may have been okay when you were a college student surviving on pizza and […]

Garden Windows in Salt Lake City, UT

If you have plants, you can appreciate what garden windows can do for your home as well as your love for all-things-green. A typical three-sided garden window gets light from, you guessed it, three directions at once, which no other window or location in your home can provide. Garden windows also allow you the optimum […]

The Benefits of Replacement Windows (in Salt Lake City, UT)

The only thing that seems to age quicker than the windows in your home is the human body! Unfortunately, humans are not maintenance-free! But your replacement windows can come close if you take the time to select the right model that enhances the style and efficiency of your property. The problem is, the average homeowner […]

How Much is That Little Home in the Window

You don’t necessarily want people peeking through your windows, but at the same time, you can’t deny that the windows in your Salt Lake City home are the element that ties everything together in your home…showcasing the beauty of your property. That being said, if your windows are old and poorly maintained, what type of […]

Vinyl…A Good Deal!

Vinyl is the most commonly installed window frames found in homes of all ages in the Murray, UT area. What makes vinyl windows so special? In terms of versatility, vinyl has wood and fiberglass beat hands down. Vinyl windows are composed of PVC (polyvinyl chloride). Thanks to its durability, vinyl can easily hold its own […]

A Window by any Other Name

There are items in your Salt Lake City home that may seem non-descript and simple to replace, but in fact carry more weight than you’re led to believe. Windows are a good example of that. There are several criteria to consider when you are thinking about a window upgrade for your home. Certainly, the type […]

A Real Garden Party for Your Salt Lake City Home

A garden window is essentially a box made from windows that juts out of the side of your home. A garden window is actually four to five windows combined into one, so the windows come together to create a way-cool box with a bottom shelf, or multiple shelves that you can make use of. More […]

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