Salt Lake City, UT Garden Windows

Of course you could have a garden in your Salt Lake City, UT home! It’s easy: just knock down a wall or two and really, REALLY open the room up to some sunlight! That’s one way of doing it or you could ratchet it down a notch and go with garden windows in Salt Lake […]

Garden Windows: A Plant’s Best Friend

A garden window is a perfect modular addition to your kitchen area. Typically located above the sink (but versatile to be placed anywhere in your home) and with enough room to place one or more plants, three-sided garden windows are perfect for letting in the sun, providing a spacious view and above all for providing […]

Purchase, Install, Repeat?

When you make an investment in something as large scale and expensive as your home, you don’t want to feel like you’re starting from square one by replacing everything as soon as you walk in the front door. Granted, some items like furniture and colors are a matter of taste, style and convenience, but windows? […]

Coming This Summer!

Coming soon to a neighborhood near you…summertime! That can mean only one thing: great weather, get-togethers with friends and families, good tunes, smiles and barbecues! So why let something silly like old windows stand between you and all those good times? You’d be surprised what new windows can do for your home! Not only aesthetically, […]

Can’t Stop This Feeling

Ever stand in your living room to enjoy the view from your windows and you feel like someone is blowing in your ear? No, it’s not because your significant other is standing over your shoulder. It’s because your old windows are either poorly sealed or poorly installed and you’re getting an expensive draft! Your windows […]

Who’s Behind the Door

As impressive as they look, traditional, old-model sliding glass doors are actually inconvenient and energy wasting. They didn’t do a heck of a lot for insulation and drafts when first installed and those old patio doors certainly aren’t re-writing the record books now. The wood was known to buckle.  The panes can crack. The list […]

The Replacements

It’s been said we live in a disposable economy. Don’t like something? Get rid of it! Sometimes that’s easier said than done and other times, not even necessary. For example, the term “replacement windows” almost sounds apologetic. Like it’s a temporary fix for your home until you get some really good windows. Not so! Replacement […]

A Whole New World

You’d be surprised what new windows can do for your home. New windows are almost like a new pair of eyeglasses…you can’t believe all the small details you were missing until you treat your eyes to high-quality lenses! New windows work the same way. New windows in your Salt Lake City home open up a […]

Home is Where the Heart Is

Does your Salt Lake City home have heart? Does your home define you? Is it a reflection of who you are and what you like? Maybe or maybe not. One thing is for sure: what your home looks like on the outside makes a lasting first impression. The same goes for your windows! Whatever windows […]

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