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Anlin Patio Doors

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Call Us For A Quote

HomeStar is Proud to Provide Patio Doors from Anlin.

These stylish sliding doors are heavy-duty and provides more visibility, airflow, and insect-protection.

Key Features:
  • QuadraGlideTM rollers for smooth and quiet operation
  • Available in 12 exterior frame colors
  • BetterVue® door screen provides more visibility, airflow, and insect protection
  • Can be made with an Anlin Pet Door
  • Safety tempered glass
  • Durable door frame that is almost impossible to bend

The Anlin Malibu is a classic door with modern lines.

Key Features:
  • Can be made to open inward or outward
  • 3-Point locking system included
  • Multiple exterior frame color designs available
  • Operable sidelights available
  • Can be made into a pet door
  • Made with safety tempered glass
  • Available in heights from 6′ to 8′