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Sierra Pacific Patio Doors

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Call Us For A Quote

HomeStar is Proud to Provide Patio Doors from Sierra Pacific.

As you slide open the Sierra Pacific patio door, you'll be met with a smoothness that rivals the texture of silk. The rich, all-natural wood interior appears as if it were crafted by nature herself, free from any additives or man-made components.

  • Smooth as silk operation thanks to standard tandem stainless steel ball bearing rollers and fully adjustable design.
  • Standard Narrow or French construction.
  • Thick heavy-duty extruded aluminum cladding for a low maintenance exterior.
  • Protected by our exclusive CoreGuard Plus™, the industry’s best wood protection.
  • 2-point locking hardware for maximum security.
  • Up to 4 panel -wide.
  • Optional footbolt.