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Sierra Pacific Windows

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Call Us For A Quote

HomeStar is Proud to Provide Quality Fiberglass and Vinyl Windows made by Sierra Pacific

These windows offer unobstructed views from top to bottom, making them ideal for taking in beautiful vistas or simply letting in sunlight. They also provide wide-open ventilation, ensuring plenty of fresh air throughout your home.

Key Features:
  • Wood interior for warmth and beauty.
  • Extra-strong 0.078” vinyl base frame offers superior rigidity, protection against rot, and greater resistance to air or water leaks. Vinyl components remain hidden when window is closed.
  • Integral rigid nailing fin provides greater structural integrity, an improved water barrier and easier installation that nearly eliminates racking problems.
  • Choose from four innovative brickmould frames. Each uniquely integrates trim for designer styling, while still taking advantage of a nailing fin installation.

Sierra Pacific Aluminum Clad Windows are known for their unobstructed views and wide-open ventilation. Even better, the smooth action of Sierra Pacific's operation makes them a breeze to use.

Key Features:
  • Thick extruded aluminum cladding for a low maintenance exterior.
  • 50 powder-coated finishes, new textures and unlimited custom colors.
  • Alternate wood species optional.