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The Benefits of Replacement Windows (in Salt Lake City, UT)

By September 11, 2017No Comments

The only thing that seems to age quicker than the windows in your home is the human body! Unfortunately, humans are not maintenance-free! But your replacement windows can come close if you take the time to select the right model that enhances the style and efficiency of your property. The problem is, the average homeowner doesn’t know where to begin their search for new replacement windows. Don’t worry! If you absolutely have to upgrade a part of your home, replacement windows are the way to go!

There are any number of reasons you’ll opt for replacement windows: Most of the typical reasons include plain ‘ol wear-and-tear on the window frames (especially if the frames are made of wood). Poor insulation is another biggie, as is excessive condensation between the windowpanes. It all adds up to lack of appearance, poor energy efficiency and, ultimately, a waste of dollars and cents in your Salt Lake City home.

At Homestar Windows and Doors, our aim is to meet and exceed the needs of our customers, whether they are building from scratch or are making improvements to an existing structure. Whether you are undergoing standard replacement windows or creating a whole wall of windows to capture the surrounding views, we’ve got the selection to lead you to the best windows.

Replace and Repair

You know the drill: back in the day, you purchased whatever style of window you have now because they looked nice and sturdy. You were worried less about maintenance because you were no doubt younger and it didn’t mean much if you had to re-paint your wood windows or re-caulk the frames to prevent condensation or leakage. Of course, now you’re not nearly as young and all that maintenance is WORK!

It would be nice to have windows that are maintenance free, wouldn’t it?

Replacement windows can come in a variety of styles. Some customers may want to replace their original wood windows with something new that looks and feels the same. Others may be attracted to the possibilities offered by aluminum or fiberglass frames. We each need to follow our muse, but at HomeStar, vinyl windows seem to be the replacement window of choice. That comes as no surprise to us, as HomeStar Window & Doors is a premier source for discount windows and vinyl house windows in the Salt Lake City area.

HomeStar Windows & Doors wants to provide you with long-lasting replacement windows in Salt Lake City, UT no matter what style you choose. We’re one of the leading suppliers of high quality and energy efficient vinyl, wood, and fiberglass replacement windows for homes in Salt Lake City, UT area. Call (801)770-4703 to schedule a free in-home consultation and estimate today. Better yet, stop by our showroom at 12278 S Lone Peak Pkwy Ste 102 Draper, UT 84020 or shoot us an email at

Replacement windows are one home upgrade you can make and not think of again…except for when you appreciate all of the benefits they bring into your home and life!

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