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A Garden Party

By October 16, 2017No Comments

Anyone that really (and we mean REALLY) knows music may well recall a 1970’s Ricky Nelson hit entitled “Garden Party.” Contrary to popular belief, if you take a minute or two to dissect the lyrics, the song isn’t recounting the memories of hanging out in someone’s backyard smoking whatever-it-was that was being smoked in the early-to-mid 70’s. But rather a concert in Madison Square Garden that saw Ricky Nelson get booed off the stage. Looking back, was it his bell-bottoms? Was it his purple velvet long sleeve shirt with the ruffles? Was it Nelson’s long hair?

At this point, who cares? But one thing Nelson’s failed experience DID produce was Ricky Nelson’s last big certifiable hit, “Garden Party,” which topped the charts and no doubt provided a nice retirement nest egg.

On Display

Garden windows are a glass encased display case that protrudes/extends from your home. The unique feature is that garden windows have a much larger window sill than the norm, which provides plenty of operational space for plants and photos. Or leave the sill bare to create a more livable space.

Many garden windows use vinyl frames, which if you didn’t know, are easy to install and come in a variety of base colors such as white, brown or tan, allowing the window to compliment any style of room. And don’t forget: Vinyl is maintenance-free and improves insulation and can even be filled with foam for extra insulation.

If you’re seriously thinking about window replacement in Salt Lake City, UT, why not think outside of the box and go with garden windows, which can do a lot in terms making an ordinary room appear more spacious. Proper use and installation of garden windows together with furniture placement and your room (or rooms) just got a whole new lease on life!

Garden windows require very precise measurements, which is why the pro’s at Homestar Windows and Doors will make specific measurements based on the available space in order for us to get you the right sized garden window. Remember, the more closely the windows dimensions match up with the existing wall space, the less likely the window is to leak or let cold air into your home. And that’s the overall goal of new windows in the first place!

The Man Who Wears the Star (Homestar that is)

With Homestar Windows and Doors, you don’t just get quality garden windows; you get our much heralded Double Lifetime Parts and Labor Warranty, which includes glass breakage, caulking, screens and transferability. HomeStar Windows & Doors is one of the leading suppliers and installers of high quality and energy efficient vinyl, wood, and fiberglass replacement windows, as well as entry doors, patio doors, and French doors for homes in and around the surrounding areas in Salt Lake City, UT. Call (801)770-4703 to schedule a free in-home consultation and estimate today.

For a real garden party that your neighbors will be talking about long after you turn off the lights, go with Homestar Windows and Doors.

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