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The Benefits of Windows When Selling a Home

By February 12, 2018No Comments

Most homeowners know the benefits of windows. Windows help keep hot and cold temperatures at bay in your home. Windows keep outside debris, birds, bugs, rain and snow from getting inside. Some windows even help block outside noise, ultra-violet rays, and lower costly energy bills.

These benefits are important for many reasons when it comes to selling your home. No one can be disappointed when something in their home works in the correct way, especially a window. If you’re looking to sell your home now or in the near future, it’s important to realize what matters to buyers. Maybe a new window doesn’t entice you that much, but to buyers today, that simple addition can make or break the sale. It can even force you to miss out on a higher purchasing price.

If you’re home’s windows are old, outdated, damaged, broken, or severely in need of repair, that’s going to negatively affect your home. This can ultimately cause the purchasing price of your home to be lower. Imagine going to view a home you’re thinking of purchasing only to get there and see that the windows are damaged, broken and in dire need of replacement. Of course, your next thought might be “how well are the other parts of this home were managed?”

Windows can be expensive, there’s no doubt about it. However, the type of windows you choose and what company you purchase your windows in Murray, Utah from makes a difference. Some companies charge an arm and a leg for windows that don’t cost that much anywhere else. However, at Homestar Windows & Doors, we offer competitive, fair pricing on all our products.

Whether you’re selling your home or plan to stay there forever, our windows will protect your house and family and add resale value and curbside appeal like you never would believe. Windows that are damaged or broken can cause air and water leaks. It’s important to get replacement windows if you feel your old windows are holding you back from making a sale. Especially if there are rooms in your home where windows take up a big part of the space…like bedrooms and dining rooms. These areas are more susceptible to temperature changes due to air leaks. And a damaged or outdated window can really change the look of the space.

Live in the Murray area? Then contact Homestar Windows & Doors today. We’re here to answer all your window questions. We love helping homeowners find new windows that work well!

Visit the Homestar Windows & Doors showroom, located at 12278 S Lone Peak Pkwy Ste 102 Draper, UT 84020. We’re open Monday through Friday, 8am to 6pm, and Saturday 10am to 2pm for your needs. Or you can call us at (801) 770-4703 to speak with one of our representatives who will be happy to assist you with your window questions. Homestar Windows & Doors loves servicing the Murray, Utah area! We are dedicated to making your home better, one window at a time.

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