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Tips for Buying Energy Efficient Windows

By March 19, 2018No Comments

Unlike other things in the last decade, energy efficient windows are not a fad. And while having energy efficient windows may seem cool now, they’ll be cool 30 years from now as well and will always be the smarter choice, regardless of what decade you live in. Energy efficient windows come in all shapes and sizes and can really do wonders for a home.

For starters, these windows can cut down the cost of energy bills. It’s reported that homeowners who’ve installed vinyl windows in their home see a 15% decrease annually in the cost of their energy bills. This is a great benefit of having energy efficient windows and proves that over time, your windows can even pay for themselves!

A great tip to learn is when choosing the right energy efficient window, (which usually tends to be vinyl windows), is that it’s smart to check the Energy Star rating of the window and see how it performs. A window may seem like an amazing deal with lots of benefits at a great price, but if the window doesn’t perform well, you wouldn’t want to invest in it. Windows can be a big investment and they are not always the cheapest of home necessities. It’s important to choose wisely and not make a hasty decision.

Another tip when it comes to purchasing energy efficient windows in Salt Lake City is to check out the glass. Vinyl windows generally come with special glass that helps block out ultra-violet rays that can cause damage to your home. Ultra-violet rays can ruin carpeting, flooring, drapes, antiques and other furniture in your home. Vinyl windows were made to keep your home as safe as possible. Vinyl windows also allow a lot of natural light into your home, more than other windows due to their glass to frame ratio. Natural light will help light up your home and keep you from needing daytime lighting to do everyday tasks. This is another reason your energy bills will decrease. And, as a great benefit, lots of natural sunlight will make your space look larger and brighter without you lifting a finger or moving anything around.

If you’re interested in vinyl windows or other windows and live in Salt Lake City, Homestar Windows and Doors is the perfect company to call. We have over 30 years of experience and can help you with all your window needs. We’re the most trusted choice in Salt Lake City and in Utah overall. We go above and beyond to make sure our customers are satisfied and love their new windows. Whether you want energy efficient windows or something else, we’re dedicating to providing you the best products.

Visit our showroom located at 12278 S Lone Peak Pkwy Ste 102, Draper, UT 84020, Monday through Friday, 8am – 6pm, and Saturday 10am – 2pm. Or, you can call us today at (801) 770-4703. Homestar Windows & Doors can help you find the best energy efficient vinyl windows in Salt Lake City. Give us a call today and see how!

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