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Are Replacement Windows A Waste Before Moving?

By January 14, 2019No Comments

If you are going to be moving in the near future, you’ll probably do a few things to your house before you put it on the market. You’ll want to declutter, of course, and put as much in storage as you can to make the home look open and as large as possible. You’ll also want to freshen a few things up, perhaps add a coat of paint in certain rooms. But do you really want to take on a large project, like getting replacement windows in North Salt Lake, UT? Perhaps not, but it could be worth your time, effort, and investment in the end. Here are a few reasons why you should at least consider the option.  

Replacement Windows Raise Value 

You want your home to sell at a good price and you probably want it to sell fast rather than sit on the market. The longer it sits, the more money off buyers will think they can get the home for, which isn’t in your best interest. When you put in new replacement windows right before you place it on the market, you raise the value of the home significantly. And, the best part is, buyers are willing to pay the higher price to get the home with the new windows.  

New Windows Add Curb Appeal 

What the inside of your home looks like matters a great deal if you are going to find a buyer. However, the curb appeal matters even more because people have to get past the exterior to even see the interior. You will need to have the ability to get people through the door and new windows can help you with that. Your home will have a new, fresh look on it that gives your house curb appeal. That can often be enough to get buyers through the door to see what the inside has to offer.  

Return On Investment 

When you get new windows, you aren’t just throwing money away. In fact, if you don’t get new windows when you need them, that’s when the throwing money away thing comes in. New windows are a great investment and if you are about to sell, you’ll get most of the money you invested back in the higher home price. You’ll also start saving money on energy bills right away, which can help you with your monthly budget in the meantime.  

Replacement windows in North Salt Lake, UT are never a waste, even if you are about to move. After you put in the windows, you might want to stay because your home will finally be comfortable, look nice, and save you money. But even if you move forward with the sale, the new windows will only help. If you’re ready to start the process, contact HomeStar Windows & Doors at (801) 770-6835 for a free consultation. You can also stop by and take a look at the windows we offer in our showroom at 12278 S Lone Peak Pkwy Ste 102 Draper, UT 84020. 

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