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The Window Replacement Project Takes Time

By February 4, 2019No Comments

If you need new clothes to replace something that has worn out, you go to the store and buy what you need. You may or may not like the process, but it doesn’t have to take that long to pick up a few new items. Window replacement in Holladay, UT, however, does take a little time. Here are some of the things that take time to get the project together just as you want it:  

The Planning Part 

This part of the process is very important to the overall outcome and takes the most time. You want to make sure you order just what you want and that means doing the research, making informed decisions, and really thinking about what’s best for your home. You also have to consider your budget during this part of the process as the money you have to spend will help you determine what you can and cannot have. The experts will come to measure your windows during this part of the process, which is also very important to how things are ordered and later installed.  

The Ordering Part 

Once you tell the company you are working with what you want, they will take care of ordering everything to your specifications. This is in your best interest because if anyone messes up, it’s not your fault and the company will be responsible for fixing it. The ordering doesn’t take long and delivery will usually be within a few weeks, depending on the manufacturer you are working with and their work load. Your window company can estimate how soon the windows will arrive and give you exact updates along the way. At least you know you can relax and know your big decisions are made. All you can do during this part is prepare your home for installation once the time nears.  

The Installation Part 

Depending on how many windows you are having put in, the installation will only take one or two days. You installers will take one window out at a time and then replace it so your home won’t be exposed to the outdoor elements for any length of time. Each window takes about half an hour to replace so you can do the math based on that or talk to your window company about the specifics. You’ll want to prepare your house by removing pictures from the walls, taking down window coverings, and doing anything else the installers suggest. Once the installation is done, you’re on your way to enjoyment and a more comfortable house with better energy efficiency.  

While Holladay, UT window replacement takes time and effort, it’s well worth it once everything is behind you. When you’re ready to take the first step, contact HomeStar Windows & Doors. Our showroom is at 12278 S Lone Peak Pkwy Ste 102 Draper, UT 84020 and you can call us at (801) 770-6835 with questions or for a free consultation. We want you to take your time with the process and we’re here to help you every inch of the way.  

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