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Replacement Windows Are The Only Option

By April 22, 2019No Comments

No homeowner really wants to get replacement windows in West Jordan, UT if they don’t have to, but when the time comes and they’re the only option, you’ll know. Here are a few instances in which replacement windows really are the only option you have available to you:

Your Old Windows Are Rotting

There’s nothing good about a rotting window. You’ll know your window has rot if you feel soft spots in the wood on the window’s frame. Once the rot settles in, there’s no stopping it. It won’t get better and it won’t go away. If you find rot on old windows, getting replacements is the only thing you can do to get that problem to go away.

Your Old Windows Are Warped

Old, wood windows are vulnerable to moisture. If they haven’t been maintained well over the years and water gets to them, they will probably warp eventually. Once that warping starts, you might be able to see it with your eyes. If not, you’ll know warping is likely occurring when the windows won’t open and close as they once did. Once the warping starts, there’s no going back. You’ll have to get new windows if you want windows that will operate well. And if an emergency occurs and you need an alternative exit, you definitely want windows that work.

Your Windows Are Drafty And Leaking Air

There are a few things you can try for drafty, air-leaking windows. First, new caulking around the frames can help. You might also try weather stripping. Before you go to the trouble, ask a window professional for a free assessment. If they say those repairs are worth a try, go for it. Otherwise, there’s no reliable way to get rid of air leaks for good outside of replacement windows. When you get new windows, they are professional fitted by installers who will ensure an airtight seal. You won’t have to worry about leaks any longer and your home will be much more efficient (and your bills lower) for quite a few years to come.

Your Windows Are Broken

Whether you have broken glass, a broken lock, a chipped frame, or something else, there often aren’t many things you can do to repair the issue, especially if your windows are old, out of date, and don’t have available parts any longer. Your best recourse is to get replacement windows and get everything fixed up and up to date at once.

When you’re ready to move forward with the project, contact HomeStar Windows & Doors to talk about your necessity in getting replacement windows in West Jordan, UT. We’ll be honest about our assessment in whether or not you have any other recourses outside of getting new windows for your home. Call us at (801) 770-6835 to ask questions or visit our showroom at 12278 S Lone Peak Pkwy Ste 102, Draper, UT 84020 to talk to us in person. We can show you around and talk about the specifics of your home and your goals for the process.