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What’s Holding Your Home Back?

By June 3, 2019No Comments

Do you love the way the homes look on the TV shows after they redo everything? Or how stylish the rooms appear in design magazines? Why can’t your home look like that? You don’t want to overspend or go too far in trying to get something creative, but you can stop holding your home back at the same time. How do you go about doing that? Consider South Jordan, UT window replacement or other elements that would complete the look.

The Unfinished Look

No home looks right if it appears unfinished. And unfinished can mean a number of things. Perhaps everything about the house goes well together, but there’s no landscaping. Adding some plants can give the home a polished curb appeal and a finished look. Inside, maybe the walls look bear and need a few pictures to complete the look. You may not know exactly what the house needs to look finished. Try a few things to see what it takes to get that finished appeal that is more polished and homey.

The Color Scheme

Many homes are created in neutral colors and perhaps the previous owners painted bland colors so they would appeal to anyone. You don’t have to keep colors neutral and boring. Once you are in the home, you can do what you want with the color scheme. It might feel more finished to you with an accent wall in a different color or a completely different color on every wall. Or, you could leave the walls neutral and decorate with colors and bursts throughout the room. Giving your home a palette can really make it feel complete.

The Windows

It might be the windows that are holding your home back. Perhaps you have everything the way you want it inside and out and the house still doesn’t look quite right. Older windows can bring a whole home down appearance-wise as well as in the energy efficiency department. If your windows are lacking, you can infuse natural light into the space with replacement windows. Once you get window replacement done, you’ll have a new look both inside and out, which can help you finish the home’s interior while upgrading the curb appeal. There aren’t many other home improvement projects you can take on that improves looks inside and out at once.

If you want your home to have that polished, finished look, you have to ask what’s holding it back. Is it the coloring? The landscaping? The windows? If you think you need South Jordan, UT window replacement, contact the experts at HomeStar Windows & Doors by calling (801) 770-6835. We’re here to help in any way we can. When you call for a free consultation, we can come to your home and give you specific expert advice. We won’t’ tell you that you need new windows if you can get by with some simple repairs. If you’re ready to look at windows, stop by our showroom at 12278 S Lone Peak Pkwy Ste 102, Draper, UT 84020 and see what we have to offer.