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Moving Forward With Replacement Window Financing

By January 6, 2020No Comments

IF you’re lucky, when you need replacement windows in Sandy, UT, you have enough money saved up to pay for the project without hurting your emergency funds too badly. It sure would be nice if life always worked that way. But more often than not, homeowners find that they really want to take the project on, but simply can’t afford to pay cash. If that sounds like you, should you move forward with financing the project through a loan or in another manner? Or should you wait until you can save up. It’s your home and you get to make the ultimate decision. But here are a few instances in which it might be better to move forward with new windows right away.

Your Windows Are Badly Damaged, Perhaps From A Storm

You can’t predict when storms are going to roll through and damage your home. You might be able to get some funds from homeowners insurance to fix your windows. But either way, even if you have to pay for it yourself through financing, you don’t want to live in a home with badly damaged windows. It can be dangerous, and they certainly won’t operate in an efficient manner.

Your Heating And Cooling Costs Almost Take A Loan Themselves

If your heating and cooling costs are through the roof, it’s because air is literally going out the windows. If that’s the case and you feel like you can barely afford those bills every month, it’s better to get new windows on a financing option than to waste more money on bills that are way higher than they should be. Once the new windows go in, you can pay the financing, at least in part, based on how much you are saving on the bills.

Your Windows Are Dangerous

There are many dangers that old windows can pose. IF they won’t open because they are warped or painted shut, you don’t have any emergency exits. If they are easy to open from the outside, it’s a danger for break-ins. IF they open, but can slam shut at any moment, they could break or injure someone. You need peace of mind and if that means financing the windows now, then so be it.

Your Windows Are In The Way Of Home Sales

Old windows deter people from even looking at your home. If you want to sell, but can’t find a buyer or someone who is even interested in a closer look, it could be the windows. Getting windows on financing might be the best option. You can sell the house for more and pay off the financing when you do.

These are a few reasons to move ahead with replacement windows in Sandy, UT, even if you can’t afford to pay cash for the project and have to finance it in some way. There are times that are okay to wait and others that aren’t. If you’re ready for details, contact HomeStar Windows & Doors at (801) 770-6835 or 12278 S Lone Peak Pkwy Ste 102, Draper, UT 84020.