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Who Wants An Ugly House?

By January 27, 2020No Comments

Perhaps you went to a party over the holidays and wore an ugly Christmas sweater. That’s all in good fun, but when you went home, you put on a different shirt that was much more attractive. You don’t want to live your everyday life in that sweater, right? And you don’t want to live in a home that doesn’t look nice, if you can help it. If you feel like your home is just plain ugly or an eyesore because of its age and deterioration, there are plenty of things you can do, including perhaps getting replacement windows in Sandy, UT. Here are a few options to consider.

New Exterior Doors

Your front door, and any other door you can see from outside of your home, can make a huge statement about the house as a whole. If you have an older door that is chipped and peeling, it says something you don’t want it to say. And it’s not pretty! Replacing a few doors isn’t a huge project and it can work wonders on your home’s appearance. You can get more efficiency through the purchase as well and lower energy bills.

Paint Or Replace Siding

You can raise the value of your house with a simple paint job. If you have siding that can’t be painted, or if the siding is rotting or has other issues, it might be better to replace it completely. It’s a big job, but it will revolutionize the look of your home and will raise its value at the same time. The house will no longer look ugly, but rather fresh and new.

Window Replacement

If your windows are old, saggy, and worn looking, there’s not much you can do to help them. You can paint old windows and that can help some, but when they’re warped and sagging, no paint will fix it. You’ll see a lot of benefits to replacing your windows including energy efficiency and a higher home value as well as lower bills and further comfort. But one of the first things you will notice is how nice and attractive your home looks from outside when you approach. Not only that, but you’ll be able to see the windows from inside as well and get that same fresh look. Homes with new windows are definitely never described as ugly.

If you’re ready to do something about your home’s appearance, consider replacement windows in Sandy, UT or one of these other projects. It’s often good to start with new windows and go from there. Perhaps the windows are all you need or maybe you also need to paint the siding or replace doors. The professionals at HomeStar Windows & Doors can help you with those big decisions by equipping you with the right information. Call us at (801) 770-6835 and we’ll point you in the right direction. You can also visit us in our showroom at 12278 S Lone Peak Pkwy Ste 102, Draper, UT 84020 where you can see new windows in person and get some ideas.