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Double Or Triple Pane Window Replacement

By May 11, 2020No Comments

There are so many decisions to make about replacement windows in Salt Lake City, UT that it can feel overwhelming. If you’ve never gotten new windows before, or if it’s been a very long time, there are lots of things to look over, consider, and learn. You will want to start with some research. And, keep in mind, window professionals can help you every step of the way. When you find the right, reputable window store, you don’t have to worry about being pushed into anything. You get the advice you need and the recommendations you seek.

Double-pane windows let in more light than single panes, which can make a room feel airier and brighter. In order to match the look of your old window as best possible with these new ones you should consider what window color is on each side when deciding how many panels will be needed for installation because this also affects their visual appeal too!

Older windows are sometimes single pane glass models. That’s not good for any home. Air flows easily through one single pane of glass. Today, the standard is at least double pane glass. Double pane is much better. It adds one layer of glass, but also a space between the panes of glass for better insulation. However, you can also upgrade to triple pane glass, which adds a third pane and a second space between the panes. So, which is best for your home?  The double pane window and the cascade windows both provide an excellent thermal barrier to keep your home’s temperature consistent. That’s completely up to you.

If you are on a budget, you may only have the space in the money area for one upgrade. If that’s the case, you have to weigh which one of the upgrades is the best option for your home and its needs. Perhaps you get a lot of sunlight in the afternoons and low-E glass would be best to block the heat, but let the light through. If you live on a busy street, triple pane glass might be the best fit because it blogs a lot more of the outdoor noise than double pane glass will.

While triple pane glass is going to cost more than double pane, it can work magic with the energy bills. Any windows you get, even double pane, will likely be much better than what you had before. But you can defer the extra costs of the extra pane of glass with the lower energy bills. You can place the money you save back into your bank account and pay yourself back for the extra investment.

You don’t get new windows very often. In fact, most people only go through the process once in their homeownership lifetime. So you want to get all of the details right. If that means upgrading to triple pane glass, that’s what you should do.

Talk about the details of your replacement windows in Salt Lake City, UT with the professionals at HomeStar Windows & Doors. We have all of the details on triple and double pane glass and the difference between the two. We’ll show you what they look like in person in our showroom and talk about the benefits of each, as well as the cost differences, so you can consider what’s best for your home and your budget. We’re here to help you meet all of your goals, whatever those may be, for your house with replacement windows.