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Making Changes Through Window Replacement

By May 25, 2020No Comments

There may be lots of things you would change about your house if you had the time, the money, and the desire to do so. As you walk through your house, thinking about home improvement, do you ever think about things you would change? When you need to get replacement windows in West Jordan, UT, it’s a huge opportunity. Not only will you have a big update on your home, but you have the ability to make changes. Here are some of the changes you might want to make when you move from older windows into your new windows.

Frame Material

What material do you have on your current window frames? Wood used to be the most popular choice so if your windows are on the old side, they could very likely be made from wood. Wood is a warm, welcoming material, but it takes a lot of work to maintain and if you don’t maintain it well, the wood can rot and warp and cause all sorts of other issues. When you get new windows, it’s the chance to change the frame material and put something else on, like vinyl. Vinyl is the current most popular material because it costs the least and takes the least maintenance. Not only that, but it’s the best material for energy efficiency. It’s a great change to make for many reasons.

Window Color

What color are your windows right now? If that color works for you, you might get the same color again. But if you want to make a change for any reason, now’s the time. White is the most popular color to get because it looks new and fresh and looks good with any other color you have on your house, both now and later. Some people like black today to give a light-colored home a nice contrast. And there are also those who want to match their home’s color or get a similar color tone in a lighter or darker color to give you a contrast there as well.

The Overall Style

If you currently have double hung windows, but you want to let in more light, get more ventilation, or improve efficiency, you might go with casement windows instead. If you have casement, perhaps you want double hung instead for further safety for kids or pets. Or, you might like the style you have in most areas, but you want to put in a garden window, a bay or bow window, or a picture window in certain locations. These are changes to consider when you get new windows.

You might want to change a lot of different things when you get replacement windows in West Jordan, UT, or there might be just a few small things (like hardware) that you might want to change. The professionals at HomeStar Windows & Doors can help you go over all of the current features of your old windows and help you decide what you might want to change to suit your home and your overall goals.