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Pairing Curtains With Replacement Windows

By August 24, 2020No Comments

There are plenty of different window coverings you can get for your replacement windows in Salt Lake City, UT once they are installed. But if you really enjoy curtains, there are certain things you will want to consider as you look over the options alongside your new windows. Here are a few to remember.

Natural Lighting—Blocking Versus Enhancing

You certainly don’t want to get heavy curtains that cover windows through which you were aiming to get more natural light. That would defeat the purpose of the new windows. Instead, try to pair curtains that will help you with your goals for those windows. Perhaps if you want natural light, but some privacy, sheer curtains would work to filter the light and block views. Or, place curtains that you can completely pull back and out of the way so you can let in as much natural light as you want through those windows.

Curtain Colors And Window Colors

Most of the time, homeowners get window colors that are neutral, and most curtain colors will go along with the window colors. But you will want to make sure the colors coordinate and complement one another. If you get an eggshell window color, perhaps a stark white curtain isn’t the best fit. Curtains often act as a pop of color and texture in the room, but you want the whole effect to work well together.

Ventilation Options

Windows were made to be opened and if there’s a particular room in your house that you like to let fresh air into during a nice day, you won’t want curtains to get in the way of that, either. You can get some tie backs that keep them from blowing around and being in the way or, you could simply add a valance to the windows for the color and style you want and leave the curtains off in that room.

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Consider Low-E Glass

As you think about your new windows, if you are fairly certain you are going to put curtains over the windows, you might want to get low-E glass coatings on the windows. This coating allows you to get all of the natural light you want while you block the heat of the sun out. Not only does the heat stay out, but the UV rays aren’t a concern, either. This is great for those who want curtains because the fabrics won’t fade from the UV rays. The curtains will stay in new condition for a lot longer with their vibrant colors and textures in place.

The perfect window treatment for your home is a pair of curtains. With all the available options, it can be hard to decide what will work best with both style and cost constraints in mind- but luckily we’re here! We recommend Cascade Windows because not only do they offer an affordable price tag on their treatments ( starting under $100), these panels also come standard at no extra charge – meaning you get two sets without having paid anything extra yourself!

If you are looking into replacement windows in Salt Lake City, UT, there are plenty of options to consider for window coverings once the windows are installed. However, if you already know you want curtains, you will want to consider certain things before you get the windows installed and once you’re choosing the curtains for coverings. The professionals at HomeStar Windows & Doors can help you with the window portion and we can even point out features that work well with curtain coverings.