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Helping Your Replacement Windows Even Further

By February 22, 2021No Comments

When you get replacement windows in Draper, UT, even if you get standard windows without upgrades, they are going to be way better than your old windows. Your old windows were probably worn and leaked a lot of air, but new windows aren’t going to be like that. A big reason why you wanted to get replacement windows was likely because you wanted efficiency for your home. Once you have new windows in place, that efficiency is going to go way up, and your energy bills way down. While new standard windows are going to do a lot for your home’s efficiency, you can help them further in a number of ways. Here are a few to consider:


Efficient Window Coverings

Some people like to pair the new windows with new window coverings and have the process go hand in hand. When you get new windows, you have to take down the old window coverings anyway. You might notice at that time just how old and worn it is. Plus, if you want to get the most from your windows, pairing them with efficient coverings can be a good idea. Consider shades with honeycomb styles that trap air between the pieces of fabric. You can also think about shutters, which can cover the windows and insulate them even better than they already are with their new panes of glass. Curtains and other heavy materials also help nicely.


Consider Triple Pane Glass

While double pane glass is better than single pane glass, or even windows with older double pane features, you could upgrade the standard double panes to triple pane glass. You are getting an extra pane of glass, which helps the efficiency levels right away. There’s also a space between the panes of glass that insulates the home even more. The air that tries to pass through the glass slows to a complete halt.


Put Inert Gas Fillings Into The Windows

If you stick with double pane glass or even move to triple pane glass, you still have options as to what you place between the panes of glass. Usually, it’s air, which insulates the home well. But inert gases, like argon and krypton gas, are denser than air and they can slow down that movement and increase efficiency even more. If you want an upgrade that makes the windows more efficient, consider an inert gas filling between the panes.

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There are plenty of other things you can do to get better efficiency from your replacement windows in Draper, UT. One of the keys is talking to the professionals and finding out what tips they have for the process. The experts at HomeStar Windows & Doors understand that you want to get the most efficiency from your project and there are plenty of things you can do to get that. Start with a free consultation and let the professionals know how important efficiency is for you. That will help you to get the results you want after the installation process is complete.