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Best Window Replacement Season Options

By April 19, 2021No Comments

When your home needs replacement windows in South Jordan, UT, the best season to get them in whatever season in which you really need them. If you put it off too long, you are wasting money on energy bills and you don’t get the comfort you want in your home. There could also be safety issues and other things that are dangerous to your home and to your family. While you should get windows in whatever season you need them, here are some of the advantages to certain seasons of the year.


Winter is the season that seems the most inconvenient for window installation. While that might be the case, it’s also the season in which you can most often find good deals. Window companies aren’t as busy during the winter months so you can sometimes get good deals since they want to entice business out of more people. Installing in the winter also gives you the rest of that winter season with a nice, warm house and much lower energy bills.


Spring is probably the biggest season of the year for new windows. The winter is behind you and you have started to notice where your home is lacking. Getting windows in the spring is ideal because it’s not terribly hot, but it’s also not cold. You get the windows your home needs before the summer heat hits and you can prepare the home for lower energy bills once summer does roll around.


Since spring is a nice time of the year, you might not notice that you need new windows until the summer hits. While you might not want to let a lot of heat into your house during the installation process, the installers are very good. It only takes about half an hour for an old window to come out and a new one to go in. At the end of the day, when all of the windows are new and lovely, it’s worth it.

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Fall is another nice time of the year to get replacements installed because you can prepare for the winter months. Before winter hits, you are able to shore up your home, insulate everything, and make sure you are prepared when the cold snap comes back to the area.

Again, no matter what season you are in currently if you notice that you need replacement windows in South Jordan, UT, it’s best to move forward and get them. When you ignore the need, you are paying way higher energy bills than you need to and you are letting comfort get away from you as well. Once the new windows go in, you start to pay yourself back for the investment right away with lower energy bills, no maintenance or repair issues, and with a higher home value. When you think you might need new windows, but you just aren’t positive, the professionals at Home Star Windows & Doors are happy to come out to your home and give you a free consultation and assessment.