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Problems Replacement Windows Can Rid Of

By June 7, 2021No Comments

When you need replacement windows in South Jordan, UT, you are in for a lot of benefits in your home. But there are also problems that old windows can cause and when you get new windows, those issues will disappear. It’s nice to have the benefits along with the disappearance of old problems that were plaguing your home, whether you recognized it or not. Here are a few problems your home will no longer have once the new windows are installed.

Drafts And Air Leaks

You might not recognize that the drafts you feel in your home are coming from the old windows, but that’s the most likely cause of any air leaks you have. Windows are the most vulnerable place in the whole house to air leaks so if you feel drafts, it’s usually coming from the windows. Once you install the new windows, they are sealed tightly to the home and completely efficient. Air doesn’t get in, air doesn’t leak out. It’s a great problem to get rid of.

Temperature Fluctuations

You probably have your thermostat set at a comfortable temperature and that’s where you would like things to stay. But if you have drafty windows, the air comes and goes as it pleases and one room of the house might be high while another is low. That can also change throughout the day and it can be annoying to never feel like you have comfort in your home no matter what you do. When you get the new windows installed, the temperature you set is the one you get—in every room of the house.

Home Damage

When you have old (especially wood) windows, they can rot if you don’t care for them properly. Once the rot settles in, there’s no getting rid of it. And you might notice mold growth, too, which is never a good thing. While those things might start on the windows, they can spread to other areas of the home. When you notice damage occurring, switch out the windows for new ones. You can stop that damage in its tracks and ensure that no further damage will be done once the new windows are installed.

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Sky High Energy Bills

It can get harder and harder to pay energy bills when the bottom line seems to rise every month. If you are trying to cut back on energy use, it’s nearly impossible with old windows leaking air. Putting new windows in keeps the air in and that will give you nice, low energy bills. Your bills will no longer be an issue and you’ll save instead of spend and waste so much.

When you are ready for replacement windows in South Jordan, UT, there are lots of benefits you stand to enjoy in your home. But you can also look forward to ridding yourself of certain problems, like home damage, high energy bills, leaking air, and other such things. The professionals at HomeStar Windows & Doors will help you get just the right fit.