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Window Replacement—Now Or Later?

By July 26, 2021No Comments

As your home ages, there are going to be certain things you need to maintain, upgrade, or even replace. Windows can last for a long time, but eventually, they will start to fail and you’ll need replacement windows in Murray, UT. The key to getting new windows is knowing when you need them and when you can wait. If you really need them, it’s best to move forward. But there are some situations in which you might be able to wait. Do you need new windows now or can you get them later? Here are some situations and advice to help you decide.

Now-Windows Are Warped Or Rotting

If your windows look warped, or you can tell they are because they don’t open and close very easily, you need new windows. Likewise, if you have noticed soft spots in the frames, which is a telltale sign of rot, you also need new windows. These are things that can’t be fixed and are only going to get worse. You’re likely already lacking efficiency and your home might start to leak rainwater and other things, which could cause further damage. Get windows as soon as you can when you notice those things happening.

Now-Windows Won’t Open Or Close

If you can’t get your windows to open any longer, they might be warped so badly that they can’t run on the track. Or, perhaps you or a previous owner painted them shut and there’s no opening them up any longer. One of the main functions of windows is opening and closing. Not only is that nice for fresh air and ventilation, but also for safety. If there were an emergency situation, the window is an alternative exit. If the windows won’t open, it’s dangerous. You need to get new windows that will open and close with ease.

Later-Repairs Keep The Windows Functional

Some windows might have small issues that can be repaired. If they are able to be repaired and maintain their functions, it’s okay to wait until later to get new windows. They might not be as efficient as new windows would be, but they operate and you can save up for new products, knowing that process is coming down the road.

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Later-You Want New Windows For Appearance Reasons

If your windows function well and are efficient enough, but you want a different style, color, or different appearance as a whole, that can wait until later, if you want to hold off. You can get new windows whenever you want them, but if you don’t have to have them for functionality or efficiency, you can always wait on appearance things.

As the homeowner, you get to decide when you are going to get replacement windows in Murray, UT and when you want to wait for another time. If you aren’t sure what’s in your best interest, call HomeStar Windows & Doors and have them come to your house for a free consultation and assessment. They will help you decide by giving you expert advice and recommendations.