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Covering Replacement Windows With Cellular Shades

By October 4, 2021No Comments

Some homeowners like to get replacement windows in Murray, UT and then follow that project up with new window coverings. When you have the replacement windows installed, you have to take your old window coverings down. So it is good timing to get new coverings at that time when the old ones are already down and out of the way. Once you have the perfect windows in place, you want to ensure that you get good window coverings to help you further your goals. Here are a few things that cellular or honeycomb shades can do for you.

Get Further Energy Efficiency

When you get new windows, one of your goals is likely to have much higher energy efficiency than you had before. You want your home to be comfortable and you’d like to save on energy bills. In fact, most homeowners get new windows in the first place because the old windows are lacking in efficiency. When you get new windows, you can couple those with coverings that are going to further those efficiency goals. Honeycomb or cellular shades have an air pocket that traps air and keeps it from moving out through the window. It’s just another layer of efficiency and insulation in your home.

Have Elegance And Style

Your new windows put a fresh, new look onto your house and it’s nice to have coverings that give you more elegance and style as well. It might be hard for you to put up old blinds over new windows, dragging down the overall result you want from the project. Honeycomb shades are stylish and elegant and will continue the new, fresh look of your windows into your house even more.

Consider A Variety Of Colors

These cellular shades are made of fabric materials. They come in a variety of colors and even some patterns. You can infuse your own personality into the window coverings and give the home a sense of style that wasn’t there before. Think about what colors would contrast with your home or make the coverings a streamlined part of the room.

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Upgrade Home Value

When you put new windows onto your home, you are going to have a higher home value on the house as a whole. When you install new window coverings over the windows, you’ll have even further value. You are upgrading a lot of things all at once and you can get what you want for the value of your home all the way around.

Getting replacement windows in Murray, UT is a big project and you want to make sure you have a big enough budget in place for the process. You might want to add to that budget above and beyond what the windows will cost so you can also consider cellular shades to go over them. The professionals at HomeStar Windows & Doors are here to talk to you about your window replacements, the costs, installation, and everything in between so you can start with that and move on to coverings next.