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Layering Treatments Over Replacement Windows

By November 1, 2021No Comments

Once you get replacement windows in Draper, UT installed onto your home, you might feel like the old window treatments aren’t going to cut it any longer. It’s a good time to get new ones because you have to take the old coverings down in order to get the windows installed. Instead of putting them back up, you can replace them and get something new to really accentuate the new windows you chose. Here are a few tips on layering those window coverings to get the look you want.

Choose The Base Layer

You are going to want to choose the base layer first. This is the layer that goes closest to the window. It will also show the most from the outside. Some people start with mini blinds or something else that can help to control the light. There are also sheer curtain options or even certain shades that can work well as a base layer. Keep your budget and functional goals in mind when choosing the right option.

Look At The Size And Shape Of The Window

The size and shape of the window will help you decide on every layer. Larger windows might do well with vertical blinds while smaller windows are going to be better off with other options. Certain window shapes might take customized coverings and that can drive the cost up a bit more than it would be otherwise. Most windows are rectangles, but if you have some unusual shapes you need to cover, keep that in mind.

Choose A Top Layer

After you have a bottom layer in mind, you will start to think about the top layer that will go with it. You can cover almost any bottom layer with curtains or drapes of some kind. But you can also layer blinds with shutters or other choices. The top layer will be seen more from the interior so you are going to want to make sure you get something that will work well with your home’s interior design.

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Know The Benefits

Check into the benefits of both the top and bottom layers you are considering so you can coordinate them well. If you want further efficiency, you can make that goal go the distance by getting both top and base layers that will insulate your home further. You can place shutters first with curtains over the top or shades and then curtains and so on. Having those things work together will help you to meet goals in your home.

Look At The Budget

Your budget is going to determine a lot of what you are able to get with the initial replacement windows in Draper, UT, but also with the window coverings, you get after those windows are installed. Whatever budget you have in mind, be upfront about it and stick to it so you don’t have regrets later. The professionals at HomeStar Windows & Doors can help you with the replacement windows and then, you can get into the coverings and how you want to layer them.