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Window Replacement Upgrades Meet Goals

By December 6, 2021No Comments

When your home is in need of replacement windows in South Jordan, UT, one of the things you are going to want to do is think about the goals you have for the process. Your goals are going to help to inform you of everything you need to put into the windows. For example, if you have an efficiency goal, that means you want windows with good ratings on the labels and you might want certain upgrades to enhance that efficiency. Upgrades can help you to meet certain goals you might have for the process. Here are some of the goal ideas along with what upgrades can help you to meet them.

High Efficiency Goal = Inert Gas Fillings

Many homeowners are going to place energy efficiency high on their goal list, and they should. The lack of efficiency in a home is often why people decide to get replacement windows in the first place so it makes sense that they want to get efficiency when they get new products. While standard windows are high in efficiency as it is, you can upgrade that efficiency with certain additions. Normally, windows have air between the panes of glass to insulate the home. If you swap out that air with something even denser, like inert gas, it will stop airflow from coming through the glass and make your home comfortable and efficient.

Goal To Block Heat = Low-E Glass Coatings

Natural light is very nice in a home. You can make your home look larger and more open and it will feel welcoming for your family and any guests that you have come in. However, light can bring a lot of heat with it and that can make your efficiency go down with your comfort levels. Instead of having to block the light to block heat, you could get low-E glass coatings on the windows and that can help you to block heat. These coatings bounce the heat of the sun back outside while they let the light through so you get the natural light you want while keeping the heat out.

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Keep Noise Out Goal = Triple Pane Glass

There are lots of noises that can go on in a neighborhood and if you hear too much of it inside your home, that can prevent you from relaxing. To restore peace and quiet, you might want to have a goal of keeping the noise out of your home. Even standard windows are going to help that issue, but if you get triple pane glass instead of double pane glass, that will insulate your home from the noise going on around it. You can restore that peace and quiet that you want.

When you need replacement windows in South Jordan, UT, the professionals at HomeStar Windows & Doors can help you figure out which upgrades will help you to meet your overall goals for the project. Let us in on your budget parameters and we’ll help to match you to the right windows for the job.