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Preparing For Window Installation

By February 21, 2022No Comments

When you are trying to update your home and get replacement windows in Murray, UT, the last part of that process is to have the installation done. Before the installers are done, you will have to prepare your home. The installers might have a list for you so you are able to follow through on everything you need to do. Otherwise, here are things you need to get done.

Take Installer List Seriously

If the installers do give you a list, make sure you get through every item on it. You might need to take a few hours off from work so you can get the list figured out. You may even need help from a family member, a friend, or a neighbor. The installers are going to be able to get to work faster and get the job done easier if the list is all the way complete.

Remove Fragile Items From Rooms

You might have statues or other items that you don’t want to be broken during the installation process. Installers will be very careful with your home, but accidents can happen, so you will want to avoid them, if at all possible, and protect those precious items. Remove those breakables and put them in a closet, under a bed, or somewhere else safe.

Take Pictures Down

If you have any art or family photos on the walls that have windows on them, you will want to take them down. Window installation is going to require some demo and the walls may move around a bit while the job is being done. Pictures can jump off the wall and break and you don’t want that—and neither do the installers! Take those items down and place them in a safe location.

Remove Window Coverings

Your windows might have blinds, curtains, shades, or something else covering them up and those things are going to need to come down so the windows are completely clear. The window coverings would be in the way and you need the installers to have complete access to what needs to be replaced.

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Make A Plan For Pets

If you have pets, having strangers in the house moving around and making noise can really disturb them. Consider having them in an enclosed room, like the laundry room, where there aren’t windows so they don’t get in the way and feel safe. You could also consider keeping them outside. Or, you could even have someone else care for them for the day so they are away from the noise and motion completely.

When you get replacement windows in Murray, UT, the last part of the process is getting the windows installed. You will want to prepare your home before the installation takes place so when the installers arrive, all they have to do is get to work on the first window. Things will go better and faster if your home is ready for those professionals. If you need help in knowing what to do, contact HomeStar Windows & Doors for a full list.