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Will Black Windows Keep The House Cool?

By May 9, 2022No Comments

Black items are hotter in the summer, right? You might not wear black shirts outside because they would make you hotter than you would be otherwise. So, if you are going to get replacement windows in South Jordan, UT, should you even consider black for the color of the frames? There are a lot of color options, but black window frames are popular and offer a fresh look to the home. Here are things these frames can do for your home, in spite of, or even because of, their color.

The Frames Insulate The Home

New window frames, no matter what color they are, will insulate the home well. If you choose vinyl window frames, you are going to get the height of energy efficiency. Vinyl frames cost less than other options, but they also insulate the home better than any other option. You get insulation for your home with black frames, white frames, and any other color. It’s nice to know that you are going to get that result, no matter what color you choose.

The Glass Pack Helps Keep Air Out

When you look into the details of the windows, you get to make choices. Standard windows come with double pane glass and air fillings. That will work very well for the efficiency of your home. However, you can also upgrade certain things on the windows to keep the air out even more. You could add a third pane of glass, for example, or put inert gases between those panes. You could even get Low-E coatings placed on the glass to block the sun’s heat while allowing the light through. The glass pack you choose, even if it’s a standard pack, is going to keep the airflow out of your home. That means efficiency for your home. The glass pack has nothing to do with the frame color, so even if you choose black frames, you have no airflow coming into your home.

Bills Will Lower In The Summer And Winter Months

Any new windows that are high in quality with any color on the frames are going to lower the energy bills in your house over the high-use times of the year. You will see lower bills all year long, but especially during the summer and winter months when you usually spend quite a bit more on energy bills. You can sigh in relief as your home will be comfortable and your bills will be lower.

replacement windows in South Jordan, UTThe House Looks Cool, Too

When you choose the right window color, your home is going to look new, fresh, and lovely. Black window frames are popular and they really stand out in a light-colored home. They are stylish today, but they are also a classic option that won’t go out of style. Your home feels great inside, but it looks awesome outside as well.

When you are in the market for replacement windows in South Jordan, UT, black frames are something to consider. They won’t make the home uncomfortable at all. Contact the window experts for your window project needs.