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Replacement Window Glass Packs-Double Or Triple Panes?

By June 27, 2022No Comments

There are plenty of options to consider when you get replacement windows in Draper, UT. You get to build the windows little by little into just what you want for your home. Windows are going to start with the basics. Today, windows come standard with double pane glass and air fillings between those panes. Double pane glass is hugely efficient and a big step up from whatever you have on your house now, even if you have old double pane glass. But there are upgrades to consider if you have the budget for them and want more for your home.

Double Pane Glass Works Well

What is double pane glass? It’s two panes of glass that have an air filling between the panes. Each pane of glass alone lets air flow freely, but with two panes of glass and air between those panes, you can stop the airflow and block the elements out. It’s a great way to insulate your home and have access to lower energy bills.

Triple Pane Glass Upgrades Efficiency

Any windows on the market today are going to come with double pane glass, but triple pane glass is an optional upgrade to consider. With this type of glass, you add a third pane and you get a second space between the panes. That extra layer of glass and the extra air filling will insulate the home even better. There’s a cost to add that third pane, but you can save more on bills later on.

Energy Efficiency Details

Double pane glass in new windows works well, but if you want even further energy efficiency in your home, triple pane glass is going to work even better. You have added insulation, which will do a lot of things for your home’s efficiency. You’ll get lower bills with double pane glass, and even lower bills yet with triple pane. The extra savings can help you pay for the extra cost you will accrue.

Security Upgrade

The glass on older windows might break easily and that’s a hazard in the case of accidents, but also a danger where intruders are concerned. Double pane glass that is fresh and new can help you to get the security in your home that you want and need. Triple pane glass will be even stronger and that can help you to feel even safer. It’s hard to break so if someone falls, or if someone wants to get in and tries to break it, it’s certainly a lot harder to do so.

replacement windows in Draper, UTNoise Pollution Is Down

New windows of any kind will help you to reduce the noise pollution in your home, but triple pane glass is going to do a better job. It can block more noise because there’s more in the way of that noise. The insulation keeps the noise out so you can relax in your home.

What’s best for your home? What fits into your budget? Those are the things you need to decide when thinking about double or triple pane glass in your replacement windows in Draper, UT. Contact the window professionals today for your window projects.