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Is It Time For Replacement Windows?

By July 11, 2022No Comments

You might know when it’s time to trim the bushes on your home or when you need to paint your home, but are you an expert on replacement windows in Murray, UT, too? It’s hard to keep up with home maintenance, especially if you don’t know the details about certain things within a home. There are lots of different signs that will tell you that it is, indeed, time for new windows within your home. Here are a few that can tell you that your old windows are worn and it’s time for replacements.

Energy Bills Are Spiking

You know how much your energy bills are, on average. You might want to keep an eye on those bills because when they spike beyond what the raising energy prices do, then you might have an issue with your windows. There are lots of places your home can leak air, but the windows are the largest and the most vulnerable area. Energy bills will show a large spike if the windows are changing fast. If you have a slower rise, things can still go wrong, but it can happen slowly as well.

The Windows Operate Poorly

Windows are supposed to open and close nicely. Perhaps you remember when they did, but now? It’s a struggle if they open at all. Windows can warp over time and there can be other issues that cause them to stick closed, or even in the opened position. If your windows aren’t opening and closing nicely, then it’s time to look into new products. You are going to want windows that actually operate, otherwise, what’s the point of having windows?

There’s Tons Of Noise

Your home should be an oasis for you away from the everyday things that go on in the workplace, school, and so on. If you get too much noise in your home from outside, there might be issues with the windows. If too much noise can get through, air and even water might be able to get through as well and that can mean even more issues.

replacement windows in Murray, UTWindow Frames Are Decaying

If you have rot or other signs of decay on your window frames, that can be a huge issue that will only get worse until you replace them. Once you see that rot settling in, you are going to need to figure out how to replace the windows so you can restore the windows to their former luster. Windows that are decaying are not going to function or operate very well, either.

If you see any of these signs in your old windows, you might want to get replacement windows in Murray, UT so your home will have efficiency and functionality once more. The house will have tons of benefits when you have new windows placed. It will look new and fresh, for example, and it will have lower energy bills and higher value. You can feel good about this investment because it’s not money wasted, but rather a money that will come back around to you through energy savings and in other areas. Contact the window professionals today.