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Preparing The Home—Window Replacement Installation Time

By August 15, 2022No Comments

With any luck, you took your time in choosing your replacement windows in South Jordan, UT. That way, once you ordered them, you are excited about the process and can’t wait to finish the project. Now that you have the choices out of the way, your last duty is to get the home ready for the installation process. You will have a few tasks, but don’t worry, the installers do the heavy lifting and take care of the actual installation for you. Here are a few things you will want to do before they arrive for the completion of the project.

Clear Paths On The Floor

You might be used to your kids coming home and dumping their backpacks right inside the front door, their shoes following down the path into the home. But when you have installers coming, they need to be able to access the windows and that means there need to be paths from the door to each window. Push things to the side, shove things into closets, or take some time to declutter so they can safely navigate the home with ease.

Take Down The Window Coverings

Installers have to get to the windows, of course, and that means they need to be completely open to those professionals. Any window coverings you have up over the windows will have to come down. Some people neatly store them and then put them back up over the windows once they are installed. Others use this chance to get new coverings that will go up over the new windows to complete the fresh new look with an even higher appeal.

Move Furniture From Up Against The Windows

If your bed is right up against a set of windows, or the couch in the living room, you will need to move those things out and away from the windows so the installers have the room they need to get to work. Move them away farther than you might think just to ensure they are set and ready for the professionals to take charge of the space.

replacement windows in South Jordan, UTAllow Electrical Outlet Access

You may have electrical outlets that are easily accessible in some rooms, but there are other rooms that are making use of all the outlets. You won’t be using certain items while the installers are there so it’s okay to unplug things, move things around, and allow them to have the outlets they might need for tools during the process.

The installation process is the last part of the project. Once it’s behind you, the replacement windows in South Jordan, UT are in and can be enjoyed right away and well into the future. You have to get through that installation process, and there are things you can do to make things run in a fast, effective, efficient manner. If you aren’t sure what to do, talk to the installers and get a list that you can complete before they arrive to streamline things for their work and your fast results. Contact the window experts today for your next window project.