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Create A Vacation-Feel In Your Home

By September 26, 2022No Comments

Do you remember that little villa you stayed in on that island for vacation one year? Or the cozy cabin you enjoyed with your family? There are lots of memories in vacations, but you only get to spend so much time away from home. That’s why you might want to create a vacation feeling within your home, complete with replacement windows in Draper, UT. Here are some of the projects you might want to consider.

De-Clutter Room By Room

Vacation rentals, resorts, Airbnb homes, and even hotels are always neat and orderly. They don’t have piles of magazines on the coffee table and bills on the kitchen counter, among other things. Your first step to making your home feel more vacation-like is to declutter and get all of that stuff out of sight and in order for good. Once you have tackled that, you just have to keep up with the look.

Look For Inspiration/Theme

You might want a certain theme for your home to make it feel as much like a certain vacation spot as you can. If you like cabins, you might want mountain paintings, wood décor, and so on. For a beach theme, ocean pictures, shell décor, and other such items will work well. Look online for inspiration and come up with a theme based on what you like for your vacation rentals.

Consider The Color

The color of your home can set the tone for the whole home. You likely want brighter colors since that will make rooms more open and welcoming, but which bright colors? Think about how the colors feel to you and what they might mean when you are on vacation. Blue might be calming and remind you of the sea while yellow could remind you of the sun during a hike.

replacement windows in Draper, UTLet In More Light With Replacement Windows

Another thing you are going to want to consider is what shape your windows are in. If you have older windows, they might make your rooms look small and dark because they don’t let in enough light. You also don’t want the home, as a whole, to be uncomfortable because the energy efficiency in the house is lacking. When you get new windows, they will let in more light, which might help you to feel the sun on your skin, like you did on your last vacation. You can also get windows that have a sense of vacation style to them, like something unique such as bay or bow windows. The color on the windows can also help you to get the feel you want for the interior of your home, as well as a heightened appearance for the exterior of the house.

When you are trying to make your home have more of a vacation feel to it, there are lots of projects to consider. If you have older windows on the house, replacement windows in Draper, UT might be a part of the process you want to seriously consider so you can get the overall results you want. Contact the window professionals today.