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Replacement Window Ideas To Bring In Natural Light

By November 5, 2018No Comments

When you are looking for South Jordan, UT replacement windows, there are a lot of details to
cover and a lot of goals to meet. While you look closely at energy efficiency and function, don’t
forget about the natural light the windows can bring into your home. You want that light and with
the right windows, you can get more than you had before. Here are a few windows to consider
placing in your home to maximize the natural light available.

These windows bring in the natural light at all hours of the day and are able to keep the space
on your walls intact. They are great for privacy as well since they are in the ceiling and you can
put them virtually anywhere, including a bedroom or bathroom. Skylights come with technology
that allows you to get the light you want with minimal construction. If you are looking into
replacement windows, consider adding a skylight or two to make the most of it.

Picture Windows
Of course, the windows that allow in the most natural light are those that are the largest, like
picture windows. Picture windows don’t open and close so keep that in mind, but they allow in
plenty of daylight and are the most energy efficient type of window you can find on the market.
They’re great in locations that have a stellar view and you can couple them with operable
windows to make the most of ventilation as well.

Bow Or Bay Windows
Adding natural light is just one of the many benefits that comes along with bay or bow windows.
These windows project out of the house at different angles, so they can catch the light at many
different hours of the day. They bring more floor space to the home and can be fixed or
Casement Windows
If you currently have double hung windows, casement windows will bring in more natural light.
They have small frames that aren’t interrupted by the sashes that go across double hung
windows. You can place these windows where double hung windows used to be and have the
ventilation and natural light you’ve always wanted.

Benefits Of Natural Light
Having more daylight in your home is a convenience as you won’t have to use as many artificial
lights. You can cut back on your energy bills in that way, but it also helps your home feel more
welcoming and open. Natural lighting is even beneficial for your health and improves your sleep
rhythms at night. If you are focused on natural light for your new windows, make sure you
mention it to your window company.

There are plenty of goals any South Jordan, UT replacement windows can help you reach,
but if you want to pay special attention to natural light, contact HomeStar Windows & Doors for
help with the process at (801) 770-6835 or check out the window selection in our showroom at
12278 S Lone Peak Pkwy Ste 102 Draper, UT 84020.

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