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Possible Features For Custom Replacement Windows

By November 12, 2018No Comments

Any Murray, UT replacement windows can do great things for a home, but if you want your new windows to be an exact, perfect fit for all of your needs, you might want to customize a few things. Of course you’re going to choose the hardware and color on the windows, but there are technological features that not every window has, but you can have placed on yours.

Invisible Screens

If you have windows that open, you’ll almost have to have screens, or you’ll be letting bugs into your home every time you open the window. At the same time, you don’t want to ruin the view around your house with large screens that spoil what you can see. Today, there are invisible screens available that are micro-fine steel mesh. They catch even the smallest bugs and they are so fine and small they are hard for the naked eye to see. It’s the best of both worlds.

Disappearing Screens

If it’s versatility you want, you can get that with disappearing screens. These screens can pull up when the window is open and be pushed away and out of sight when it’s closed. They’re great for any occasion since you can have the full window to see out yet block bugs when it’s open. You can even open the screen and the window if you want to toss something outside.

Shatterproof Glass

You never know what the future will (literally) throw at your house and it’s nice to be prepared for anything. Whether a bad storm rolls through or some kids down the street play baseball too close, you don’t have to worry about your home if you go with shatterproof glass on the windows. The three-layer glass has a shatter resistant polymer core and can even take a shot from a canon without breaking.

Custom Between Pane Blinds

Many new windows are going to need window treatments, but not if you get them both at once There are replacement windows available with blinds built into the window, between the panes of glass. You don’t have to worry about them getting crinkled up or broken over the years and they’re always there when you need them.

There are a lot of custom options on Murray, UT replacement windows and while not every option is available on every window, there are plenty of ways you can build a window to meet your specifications in every way. Contact HomeStar Windows & Doors and go over your needs for replacement windows and we can help you find the exact right windows to match those goals. Call us at (801) 770-6835 for a free consultation and we’ll get to know you, your home, and what you want in new windows, so we can give you the right recommendations. You can also visit our showroom at 12278 S Lone Peak Pkwy Ste 102 Draper, UT 84020 to get ideas and brainstorm as to what might work well in your home as you continue down that path.

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