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Get Inspired By Window Replacement Options

By June 29, 2020No Comments

As you start to look into replacement windows in West Jordan, UT for your home, you might feel like the project is kind of boring. It’s not like choosing new flooring or new cabinetry, right? You may not be as excited about new windows as you are other projects you could take on in the future, but it’s a very important process and there are plenty of inspiring choices to make. Here are a few window options that might just give you the inspiration you are looking to find.

Picture Windows

If you don’t already have a picture window, you might want to find a spot for one. They are great for creating a focal point in a room and giving you a clear view or what’s going on outside. They’re perfect for efficiency since they have no moving parts. In fact, they’re the most efficient window style you can get.

Sliding Windows

If you want windows in a strange location, like in that stairwell, in the hallway, above the tub in the bathroom, you can put in a sliding window and fit that odd-shaped space. These windows allow you to get sunlight and ventilation without giving up style. They don’t take up much height space because they are wider than they are tall. When you place them up high, you also don’t sacrifice any privacy.

Bay Or Bow Windows

There’s really nothing more inspiring in the window world than a beautiful bay or bow window. These windows jut out of the house and give the home a classic charm. They change the architecture of the house, both inside and out. They give you a bit more space inside as well as a lot more light and a varied view since you can see in many directions at once. Try to place this window somewhere where it will show so you can take full advantage of the lovely style.

Garden Windows

These windows also jut out of the house and act like little greenhouses so you can grow your own flowers or herbs right there inside your home. They also help your house to feel larger and brighter and they extend the space inside a bit at the same time.

There are lots of other window options that could inspire you and every window can be completely customized to suit your home’s needs. Make a statement, catch people’s eyes, and blend your current style with replacement windows in West Jordan, UT. No matter what your goals are, the professionals at HomeStar Windows & Doors can help you meet them. We want your project to inspire you once the new windows are installed so you are completely happy with the results. That might mean mixing and matching window styles and playing around with colors to see what fits into your style and your home’s look the best. We won’t make decisions for you, but we will give you the information you need to make choices with confidence as you move forward.