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The Difference Double Pane Replacement Windows Make

By July 6, 2020No Comments

If you have an older home, it’s possible the windows in that house are single pane. That means there is just one pane of glass between your home and the outside world. When you decide to get replacement windows in Sandy, UT, it’s important to know the differences in what you have now and what you will be getting. Keep in mind that single pane glass is pretty much out by today’s standards. You will get at least double pane glass for your home, which is a huge benefit and brings a lot of upgrades to the way your house will function. Here are some of the differences you will notice between your former single pane home to the new and improved double paned home.

Better Insulation

Single pane glass doesn’t offer much insulation to home and air can pass through the glass pretty freely. That won’t be the case with double pane windows. These windows have not only an extra layer of glass but also a space between those panes that have either air or an inert gas filling. That space and the extra pane of glass is enough to stop any air that tries to get through the windows.

Less Noise Pollution

You may have noticed that in the past, any noise happening outside your house was as loud as if it was happening inside with you. That’s because, with single pane glass, anything goes through. Double pane glass will ensure that you have much more peace and quiet than you did before. The noise won’t come through nearly as easily and you’ll get less interruption in your day based on noise from outside.

Lower Energy Bills

Any time you insulate your home further, you lessen your energy bills, and that’s a great benefit to any homeowner. Double pane glass is more than double in efficiency over single pane models. You’ll see a huge difference in your energy bills right away and that change is something that will stick around for a long time.

No More Rattles

When a storm or even just a high wind blows through the area, it’s not uncommon for the glass on your single pane windows to rattle and complain. High winds or even lightweight flying debris could even crack the glass and ruin the window completely. With double pane glass, the glass is secure in the frame and doesn’t move about. It can take a lot more abuse without showing any wear.

Even if you are only getting the standards in replacement windows in Sandy, UT, you’ll be getting double pane glass, which is going to be head and shoulders above the single pane glass you might have on your home now. The professionals at HomeStar Windows & Doors are here to help you decide on other upgrades you might want to include in the project as you move forward for the betterment of your home. Getting rid of single pane windows is always in your best interest.