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Ways To Deal With Noisy Neighbors

By October 19, 2020No Comments

If you live next door to people that are less than respectful of the peace and quiet you want in your home, it can be a real bite. Their dog barks at all hours. They play their music too loud. They have conversations outside in their loudest voices. What can you do about it? You want peace and quiet! There are options to consider, including replacement windows in South Jordan, UT. Here are a few suggestions:

Move To An Acreage

The only way to guarantee peace and quiet and to get away from those neighbors for good is to move. This is an extreme answer and most people won’t want to or even be able to do it. But if you really want peace and quiet, move away from those busy streets and those loud people and dogs and get out there someone where all you hear are the crickets chirping at night.

Talk To Them

If you are new to the area, or your neighbors are, perhaps having a friendly chat with them can help things quiet down. Let them know that their dog wakes you up and perhaps they will do more to keep it quiet during certain hours. Ask them if they can turn their music down, as you work from home. Simply letting them know that you are being bothered could be enough to allow them to start thinking like a good neighbor.

Call The Sheriff

If there’s loud music blaring next door or a dog going nuts in the back yard for hours, it’s a noise violation or disturbing the peace. You can call your local sheriff and have them come to the neighbor’s house and let them know there’s been a complaint. They won’t use your name but will ask the neighbors to quiet down or they will have to return and possibly issue a citation.

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Get Replacement Windows

If the windows on your home are old and leak air, they leak sound, too. If they are single pane glass, anything gets through. When you get new windows, they are going to be at least double pane glass, but you can also get triple pane glass, which helps insulate the house and block out noise. You may not block out all noise, but you will have a lot more peace and quiet than you did before.

When you have noisy neighbors, there are a lot of different things you could do to try and get them to quiet down. But if you need new windows anyway, getting replacement windows in South Jordan, UT is something you can try to see how much you can dampen whatever is going on out there that you don’t want to come into your house. Try that first and then go from there. You shouldn’t feel like you can’t have peace and quiet in your own home. Call the professionals at HomeStar Windows & Doors and we can help you restore relaxation and cut out noise pollution.