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Cutting Out The Heat In Your Home

By October 26, 2020No Comments

There are fewer things that are more aggravating than being in your home, with the air on, and still being hot and sticky. There’s got to be a way to have the comfort you want when you are at home. There are plenty of things you can try to get the heat out of your home during the summer months. Getting replacement windows in Murray, UT is one great option, and here are some others.

Close Window Coverings

If your home sits a certain way, the afternoon sun could be brutal inside. It makes things hotter than they should be. And while it’s nice to have natural light, if it brings all that heat with it, you’d probably rather block it out. Make sure you have energy efficient window coverings—and then use them. Close the coverings when you’re out of the house and when you’re home, close the ones the sun will be facing so the heat stays out as much as it can. That should help you to cool things down a bit more.

Run Fans

While your AC works hard to get your home a certain temperature, it might still feel hot if the air is mostly just sitting there. Running the ceiling fans or setting up some other fans can help you circulate the air in your home to shift the cool air around so it can do its job and cool down the stale air that might make it feel too warm in the home.

Get Replacement Windows

Replacement windows are going to do a lot to cool your home down. They will create energy efficiency unlike what you have now. They will seal up your home and keep the air from flowing in and out. When your cool air stays in, it will stay cool and you won’t feel those warm drafts any longer. Your energy bills will go down and your HVAC system won’t have to work as hard, all at the same time.

Murray, UT replacement windows

Put Low-E Coatings On The Glass

When you get new windows, they will come standard with double pane glass. But there are upgrades you can place on those windows that can reduce heat even further. One of the most popular is the low-E glass coating. This thin, metallic coating reflects heat so while you can allow the natural light in whenever you want, the heat of the sun will bounce back outside. That’s a great way to cool the home down and allow light in at the same time, all summer long.

As the homeowner of your house, you get to decide what you are going to do to make things cooler during the summer months. But if you’ve tried other things and it’s still stuffy, you might want to look into replacement windows in Murray, UT, and see if they are the right avenue for you. The professionals at HomeStar Windows & Doors can give you a free in-home assessment to help you figure that out.