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Increase Airflow With Replacement Windows

By November 2, 2020No Comments

There are beautiful days in this area of the country, but if you can’t open your old windows, the air in your home remains stale. Older windows can sometimes warp shut over time or you may have accidentally painted them shut yourself. Whatever the reason, if the windows won’t open, not only are they a safety hazard since they can’t be used as an emergency exit, but they also can’t ventilate your home. You can increase the airflow in your home by leaps and bounds with replacement windows in Murray, UT. Here are a few ways in which the new windows can help you.

Cross Flowing Air

If you have windows on both sides of the room, you can get a great cross ventilation going with the air. Stale air can go out one side and new air can come in the other. You can ask the professionals just how to position the windows in order to get the right flow. This works well with casement windows, but you can also get good airflow with double hung windows.

Get Operational Windows

There are stationary windows, which don’t open and close, and there are operational windows that do. If you want more airflow in your house and you have a bank of windows, some of which open and some of which don’t, you might want to switch the stationary windows out for operational windows. The more windows you have that open, the more opportunities you have for good airflow and ventilation.

Adding Windows

Getting replacement windows means you have the opportunity to make any changes you want to, like adding windows. IF you have a large room with smaller windows, add more windows and you can increase the light and the airflow to get the best of both worlds. Adding windows can increase the airflow a great deal and give you better air quality all the way around.

Change Window Styles

Window styles vary for a reason and you can get more airflow into your house by changing to a different style. Single hung windows, for example, don’t open very far compared to double hung, which can open from top to bottom and bottom to top. You can get a great airflow from having both open a little way. But even better than that, casement windows open fully all the way and swing out from the house. They can catch the breeze and bring it into your house to give you great ventilation and airflow.

There are plenty of ways that new windows can help your home with airflow. Stale air in the house leads to poor air quality and that’s certainly not what you want for your family. When you are ready for replacement windows in Murray, UT, think about the ventilation needs your house has and make sure you address that concern with the professionals at HomeStar Windows & Doors. We’re here to help you with every detail so you end up with just the right products in your home.