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Renovation Stand Outs

By January 4, 2021No Comments

When you renovate your house or even certain rooms of that house, there are going to be certain things that stand out. They may not always be the things you expect. When you bring a friend or family member through, what will they notice first? What will impress them the most? At times, it may very well be the replacement windows in Draper, UT, but there are other things that stand out as well.


The Landscaping Outside

When people approach your house, they are going to notice the exterior and the landscaping. IF you put in a new sidewalk, plant things around it, add lights and really make it look nice, that’s going to stand out. It will raise your curb appeal and give the whole renovation a finished look.


The Front Door

You leak more air through the windows and doors of your property than anywhere else. If your front door is old and worn, not only does it lack efficiency, but it brings down the appearance of the home. Having a nice front door can make people feel welcome and it can really stand out when done right.



Having natural light and artificial lights combined can make the renovation look really great. Natural light always makes rooms look larger and more open, but when you put in artificial lights that have a nice look to them as well, it can really make the room look above and beyond what it did before. For example, in the kitchen, adding some sconces above the island can make it stand out and have an elegant style.


Replacement Windows

The windows you place on your home, or in the room, you are renovating, can make a big difference in the overall look and feel of that space. They will make the room or the whole house more efficient and they will lower your energy bills. But they will also put a new, fresh look on that room or the whole house. They will also bring in more natural light, which is almost always a good thing. Getting replacement windows is often part of a renovation because if the things in the home are old enough to need to be re-done, the windows probably are as well.

replacement windows in Draper, UT

Window Treatments

While it’s nice to leave at least some of the new windows open, the window treatments you choose will stand out as well. They take up just as much space as the windows and they can give the rooms a finished look while allowing you to filter light and get privacy when needed.


If you are looking into replacement windows in Draper, UT as part of a home renovation project, talk to the professionals at HomeStar Windows & Doors about when the windows should go into the home in relation to the other things you are doing. They can help you get the timeline set up and have your windows on order and your installation set up at just the right time with everything else going on.