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Replacing OR Adding Windows To The Bathroom

By January 11, 2021No Comments

When you get replacement windows in Murray, UT, not only is it good for the energy efficiency of your home, but it’s also a huge opportunity. You are able to change, or even add, things to your home that you didn’t like before or that you’ve always wanted. If you already have a window in the bathroom, you might want to adjust the size, the style, or other things to make it work better for you. If you don’t currently have a window, it might be something you’d like to add to that space. Here are some things to think about when you are replacing or adding a window to the bathroom.


Achieving Privacy

One of the top things on your list when you think about a window in the bathroom is the privacy you need in that space. This is a room of the house where you absolutely must have privacy. If your home faces a forest, perhaps you don’t feel strange about an uncovered window, but even then, you want to make sure things are private. There are lots of ways to achieve this with a new window. You can put the window way up high on the wall, like above the tub, so no one can see you, but you can get natural light. You can make the window, wherever you place it, have etched or fogged glass so, again, you get natural light, but no one can see in. Or you can choose a window covering for whatever window you choose.


Getting Ventilation

Bathrooms can get stuffy after hot showers and so on and it can be nice to ventilate the space with fresh air. You will want to keep that in mind when you choose a window. You may want an operating window and one you can reach easily enough. That might mean putting a window with a hand crank in so you can reach it even if you have to lean over the tub. Consider how often you will want to ventilate and how easily you need to be able to access the window.

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Natural Light

Another goal people often want to meet with bathroom windows is natural lighting. It’s nice to have natural light in the bathroom so you can truly see yourself when you are getting ready. You can accomplish that with a variety of windows, but you might consider a skylight for that job as well. Not only do you get natural light, but also privacy.


There are lots of options for replacement windows in Murray, UT that can work well in the bathroom. Whether you have a window there already and you want to make changes, or you are ready to add something when you replace other windows, the professionals at HomeStar Windows & Doors are here to help. Give us a call for a free consultation and we can come to your home, take a look at the bathroom and other rooms, and give you educated advice.