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Window Treatments Over Replacement Windows In The Bathroom

By January 25, 2021No Comments

If you get replacement windows in Murray, UT for your whole house, you have two options. One, you can put up the window treatments you had before to cover the new windows. Or two, you can get new window treatments. Of any room of the house, if you decide to replace the window treatments in just one place, it might be the bathroom. You need to be able to balance the sunlight and privacy as well as ventilation and there are only certain window treatments that will do. Here are a few examples of options to consider.


Faux Wood Blinds

Blinds work well in the bathroom, but you have to remember that space can have a lot of moisture, so the wood doesn’t really work well. If you like the look and warmth of wood, however, you can get faux wood blinds that look like wood but act in a great manner for the bathroom. They stand up to the humidity and are easy to wipe clean. Like blinds, they have slats that allow you to shut everything out, or tilt the light in at a certain angle so still, no one can see in, but you get the light you want.


Cellular Shades

You can get the optimum levels of privacy when you have these shades closed. They also give you the top quality of energy efficiency at the same time. These shades, also known as honeycomb shades, have a space between them that traps air and heightens efficiency. Since they are made from fabric, you can get a decorative look or something neutral and classic. You also have control over the fabric and thickness to let you customize how much light gets through the shades when you have them shut.

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Shutters can give you a classic style that allows you privacy when you need it, natural light when you want it, and a little of both at certain times. You will want to make sure, again, you get shades that work well in areas that have a lot of moisture and humidity. If you have wood shades in the rest of the home, you might want faux wood or even vinyl in the bathroom to keep things looking nice while you get the privacy and lighting you want.


When you are getting replacement windows in Murray, UT, you have to take down the window treatments that go over every window you are replacing. At that time, some homeowners recognize that the treatments are rather old and in need of replacement as well. That gives you the chance to customize what you want in each room of the house. Since the bathroom often needs the most privacy, but you still want to be able to let fresh air in and garner natural light, there are options to consider helping you meet all of your goals. The professionals at HomeStar Windows & Doors are here to help you choose and install the windows you want for your home.