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Easy Renovations That Make a Big Difference

By January 18, 2021No Comments

There are nearly endless things you can do to your home to make a difference in the look or feel of the house. If you want to make some improvements, but you don’t want to tear out all the plumbing, take down walls, and make a major deal out of anything, there are smaller, easier things you can do to make your house feel newer. Getting replacement windows in South Jordan, UT is one such item. Here are some others:


Get New Hardware

There are endless hardware options on the market today and taking the cabinet pulls and/or doorknobs from the kitchen and doors in the house and then putting on new ones can really make a big difference in how the house looks. Most likely, you can replace them all in a few hours, on your own. Choosing the right hardware can be another story because there are so many options it can be hard to narrow them down. But once the hardware goes in (easily), you’ll see the home looks very different.


New Light Fixtures

You probably won’t do this in every room of the house, but there might be certain rooms that could stand new fixtures. You might want something different above the bathroom mirror or something that hangs above the table where you eat. A new light fixture with more energy efficiency and a style you enjoy can change the look of the whole room. It also doesn’t have to cost very much to make a big difference.


Enhance Storage

If you feel you have too much clutter, even in spaces like the garage or basement, enhancing your storage spaces can make a big difference. You might even be able to do more with space once the storage is in place. Consider hooks on the walls, new shelves, and other things that allow you to get clutter up, off the floor, and in a better location.


Paint Cabinets

If you want to update your kitchen, but you don’t want a huge ordeal or mess, consider painting the cabinets. Putting a new coat of paint in a fresh color can take the room from looking dark and closed off to more of a light, airy look.

replacement windows in Draper, UT

Replace The Windows

This project takes some planning and thought, but it’s a much easier project than many others. Once you make the choices and order the windows, the professionals install them for you. You are left with a house that has a new, fresh look, acts in a more efficient manner, brings more comfort to your family, and has lower energy bills.


There are lots of projects you can take on to improve your house, but if you decide replacement windows in South Jordan, UT is a good place to start, the professionals at HomeStar Windows & Doors are here to help you get things in order so you can put the project behind you and start to enjoy the results as fast as possible.