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Having Privacy And Windows In The Bathroom

By January 24, 2022No Comments

Wouldn’t it be nice if you can have the best of both worlds, in some cases? It seems like opposites can’t always be true at the same time, but if you want replacement windows in Murray, UT in your bathroom, and you want to keep the space private at the same time, you can have both! The professionals are able to give you plenty of advice on how you can do that. It will depend on your budget, your layout, and what you want, but here are a few options that might be possible.

Put In A Skylight

One of the easiest things to do in a bathroom in order to get some natural light into the space while you maintain privacy is to put in a skylight. When you bring the light in from above, no one can see in and you maintain privacy with ease. However, not every bathroom is going to have skylight availability. If the bathroom is on the main floor, for example, and there’s a bedroom above it, you don’t have access to the sky. But if it is an option, it’s a good one.

Consider Sliding Windows Above The Tub

If your bathroom is situated in the right manner within your house, there may be a wall that leads directly outside. You can place a sliding window on that wall but put it high on the wall, near the ceiling, like above the tub. You are able to bring in natural light at all times and you can even slide the window open when you want to ventilate the space. But, at the same time, the window is too high for people to see what’s going on in your space when they walk by.

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Get Etched/Fogged Windows

There are a lot of different types of glass that you can use on windows today other than just the standard clear glass. If you don’t want someone to be able to see inside your bathroom, you can use etched or fogged glass. You may have seen glass like that on the glass that shower doors have on them. You can let light through, but not views. It’s a nice way to have a bathroom window that you don’t have to cover up, but that will still give you privacy.

Cover The Windows With Treatments

If you really want a window, but the above options don’t work, you can also choose to cover that window with a certain treatment. You can open and close those treatments when you want to let light in or ventilate the space. The windows, when covered, give you privacy, but they can also provide the regular functions of a window at other times.

When you are working on getting replacement windows in Murray, UT, consider ways you can get the best of both worlds in as many places at once. Your bathroom needs privacy, and the professionals at HomeStar Windows & Doors can help you get that along with other functions.