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Filling A Room With Light Through Replacement Windows

By January 17, 2022No Comments

There are some rooms that you might want to keep nice and dark, perhaps so you can sleep. On the other hand, there are other rooms that you want to fill with light and when you get replacement windows in South Jordan, UT, you can do just that. Here are some tips to help you let the light stream into the rooms that need that natural lighting.

Add Large Doors

Windows can work wonders in a home when you want to let natural light in, but large doors can also help. Put in a sliding glass door or floor to ceiling folding doors. When you have glass in more space, that will bring in more light and allow you to fill the space with the natural lighting that you want.

Consider Bay or Bow Windows

Bay and bow windows can take one window area and expand it in a lovely way. You will add value and architectural interest to your home, both inside and out, but you will also give your home the natural light you want. The light will stream into the larger space on the windows and, since the windows jut out of the house, they are able to bring light in easier at different times of the day, covering your home with light for a longer time period than normal.

Make Window Banks Larger

You might have a bank of three windows in the living room, but you can make that bank larger and let in more light. Add a fourth window into that bank or take each of the three windows and make them larger so they flow together better. The more glass space you have in each window, the more light you are going to let into the house.

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Think About Skylights

In certain rooms of the house, skylights are a great way to let more light in. Not every room is going to be skylight-capable, but when you find an area where you want more light, and you can have a skylight, they are a great option. They are going to bring light into the space from above and that might help to light the home even better than a window that is facing a direction that perhaps doesn’t get much sunlight at all.

Go With Light Colors

Whatever you do with your windows, you will make the room look larger and more open if you stick with lighter colors on those windows. White is the most popular color, and always will be, but you can use other light colors and get a similar effect.

When you are ready for replacement windows in South Jordan, UT, let the professionals at HomeStar Windows & Doors know what your goals are for each room of the house. If they know you want more light in a certain room, they can help you with ideas and suggestions that fit into your budget and will help you to meet or even exceed your goals.